Why Is Recreation Essential?

Scientific Research

Scientific research and information have revealed that nature is important for maintaining a good health of a person. Nature has something spiritual that is capable of refreshing our health. Nature also has the potential to strengthen the immune system. If you are interested in spending the maximum time in the outdoors, it will help you to reduce the level of stress hormone or cortisol in your body. Nature and outdoor activities also help you to increase the well-being of an individual. Much before the time of the arrival of entertainment devices and gadgets as well as amenities that are presently available in the urban localities, people used to entertain themselves in the fresh air. They used to enjoy soaking themselves in the sun.


They used to enjoy taking showers in the rain and going out for long walks. This used to purify their body, mind and soul simultaneously. It also acted as a therapy for their body and mind.


Shopping complexes and malls have confined their limits. These are momentary satisfactions that exist superficially in one's mind.


However, in the modern days, people hardly get any opportunity to move to the outdoors. Gadgets have become their only source of recreation.


Urbanization has exceeded to such an extent that it has detached mankind from nature and its resources. It has also caused a serious threat to the health of an individual. They are always in constant need of something or the other.


We have been materialistic all the time. However, it is necessary to realise that there are something that is greater than our materialistic necessities. You cannot serve everyone all the time.

Miseries And Diseases

So, there is no need to get depressed and mentally or emotionally down. Feel the beauties of nature, and all that exist around us. Such circumstances and constant ill beings have also posed a threat to the humans.

You can encourage the institutions to teach gardening to the kids and teenagers. This would help them to know the utilities of the plants and how they serve us. They may also be introduced with different kinds of extracurricular activities like that of horse riding, swimming, etc. Knitting and dancing also come under this category. There are different types of outdoor activities like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. You can try out any of these as your source of recreation.